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Best Monitor for Photo Editing: The Top 10

Just a handful of of years ago, having an LCD screen or a laptop was as unique as owning a Ferrari. The technology was very clever and it inspired a lot of different companies to advance their production lines and start manufacturing the gadgets that we are using today. However, for many photographers and other […]

Samsung Now Largest Display Manufacturer

Samsung has spun off its display manufacturing into Samsung Display Co. This department is now officially the largest display manufacturer in the world with no less than 20 000 employees.

Deal: Samsung F2380 23″ (cPVA) $159.95

This deal on the cPVA panel equipped Samsung F2380 brings the price down to $159.95, which is considerably less than some retailers will charge you for a refurbished F2380. Plus it includes a 3-year warranty and free shipping.

Samsung SA850 gets Super PLS Panel Tech

Samsung’s SA850 is the first model on the market with the company’s new Super PLS panel technology – a variant of IPS and an acronym for Plane to Line Switching. Just like most other IPS-based monitors, the SA850 targets professional users and offer pretty impressive specifications. It is a 27-inch display with 2560×1440 resolution, a […]