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AOC Launches Affordable “Frameless” IPS Monitor

Monitors with IPS panels are doing exceptionally well in the market, with new product being launched continuously by an increasing number of manufacturers. On another positive note, IPS monitors are also dropping in price as more manufacturers wade in to get a piece of the pie. One of the “budget” manufacturers is AOC, which has […]

AOC Aire Pro: The $199 IPS Monitor

This is a sign as good as any that high quality panels are an increasingly important factor when people are shopping for computer monitors these days. Compared to just a couple of years ago–when practically all monitors with a non-TN panel had a hefty price tag attached to it–this has led to a highly competitive […]

AOC Launches Two Affordable IPS Monitors

As IPS panels become more and more popular, the prices will continue to drop. The time when every monitor with an LCD panel other then TN was consider the professional’s choice has come and gone (well obviously they are still the professional’s choice, only cheaper and more accessible). The budget monitor manufacturer AOC confirms this […]