LG has been betting heavily on IPS monitors in the last few years. This is a most welcome move, as IPS panels offer better contrast and a much better viewing angles than TN models. IPS and related high-end technology has also improved a great deal on their old weakness: poor (long) response times. Unfortunately, compared to TN panels, the price on IPS monitors is much higher. This problem has more or less been solved with the new generation e-IPS panels, which let more light through than traditional IPS panels and therefore need less powerful backlighting, keeping the costs down. LG has used one of these new e-IPS panel in the IPS236V, something that is also apparent in store prices. It offers less tuning options but also costs considerably less than monitors like the NEC PA271W.

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For the money you get a good monitor with high brightness, contrast and also fairly good color rendering. It is not the most accurate monitor, but unlike the NEC it is not aimed at professionals only. THe IPS236V still retains most of the advantages of using an IPS panel, such as better-than-average color rendering and excellent viewing angle stability. Unfortunately, the IPS236V is not particularly suitable for gamers, though, owing to a comparatively high response time of 8ms.


The LG IPS236V display brings In-Plane Switching technology to the desktop at a reasonable price. This 23-inch monitor offers rich colors and excellent viewing angles, but you don’t get a lot of features.


The LG IPS236V-PN makes for one of the most useful and affordable monitor companions we’ve  seen. Its stylish design, slender dimensions and LED as well as HD technology makes it a very attractive offer. And when one learns that the IPS236V-PN retails for only R1999 it makes the deal that much sweeter. (South Africa)

Remarkably good image quality, stylish design and delightful ergonomics make LG’s IPS236V an excellent choice for anyone who edits photos or video – or perhaps just wants everything to look really, really good.

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  • Diagonal Size: 23 inches
  • Native Resolution: 1920 x 1080
  • Aspect Ration: 16:9
  • Video Inputs: DVI, HDMI, D-Sub (VGA)
  • Response Time (Gray to Gray): 8 milliseconds
  • Contrast Ratio (dynamic): 5,000,000:1
  • Built-In Speakers: No

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