Eizo Launches Two New Power-Saving Monitors

Eizo now launches two new 23-inch Full HD displays for use at work or home office, and the one we are particularly interested in is the FlexScan EV2335W, as it comes equipped with an IPS panel, whereas the FlexScan EV2315W has a TN panel.

New EizoThe new screens join the ranks of so-called “environmentally conscious” products, and is part of Eizo EcoView series, which will all have an increased focus on energy efficiency, ergonomics and safety. This will be made ​​possible through the use of LED backlighting and an alleged power envelope of just 16 watts. Saving a few nickels on the utility bill is all well and good, but hardly a factor that decides a monitor purchase.

The aforementioned FlexScan EV2335W with an IPS panel should be a display suitable for amateur photographers and graphic artists. In addition, Eizo has also added a so-called overdrive system that will help decrease the response time of 6ms, which also makes it suitable for gaming.

As for the TN panel version, the FlexScan EV2315W… Well, the panel helps make the screen less expensive, and it will likely be targeting the average web user and professional users who don’t require color accuracy.

These EcoView screens should have a contrast ratio of 1000:1 (impressive if this is true about the TN version) as well as contacts for D-Sub (VGA) and DVI. EV2335W also comes with a DisplayPort connector.

What About the Eco Mumbo Jumbo?

An automatic EcoView function measures the brightness of the surroundings and adjusts the screen brightness accordingly (nothing new here except the word “Eco”). The function EcoView Optimizer is however brand new and will help to reduce power consumption even more, allegedly.

Both models are also equipped with an ergonomic monitor stand. It has a height adjustment of 165 mm, an inclination of 30 degrees and 344 degree rotation. The screens can also be rotated to 90 degrees for portrait viewing.

Pricing and Availability

We have heard that both models will available starting October and that they come with a five year warranty, but no word on pricing yet.

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