AOC Launches Affordable “Frameless” IPS Monitor

Monitors with IPS panels are doing exceptionally well in the market, with new product being launched continuously by an increasing number of manufacturers.

On another positive note, IPS monitors are also dropping in price as more manufacturers wade in to get a piece of the pie.

One of the “budget” manufacturers is AOC, which has just launched yet another affordable offering in the form of a “frameless” ¬†(almost) monitor with a high-end IPS panel.

The latest AOC monitor has been given the sexy name i2757fh; it’s 27 inches in diameter and comes with a very attractive price tag: $350, although the resolution is standard Full HD (1920×1080), which is lower than the most expensive professional models from Dell and HP, among others.

Other specs include a 50,000,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio, an impressive (for an IPS panel) 5ms response time that should allow for gaming, and two HDMI ports. The viewing angles are presumably as wide as virtually all IPS monitors on the market, i.e. 178 degrees in either direction.

What is also an important specification with this monitor is that it is “borderless”. Actually it does have a bezel but it is unusually narrow at just 2 mm. The AOC monitor also comes with built-in speakers.


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