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Best Monitor for Photo Editing: The Top 10

Just a handful of of years ago, having an LCD screen or a laptop was as unique as owning a Ferrari. The technology was very clever and it inspired a lot of different companies to advance their production lines and start manufacturing the gadgets that we are using today. However, for many photographers and other […]

Finding the Best IPS Monitor for Gaming

Locating the best computer monitor for gaming can be tricky, since there is a wide array of monitors available with different paneling technology. Considering the most popular panels geared towards gamers have Twisted Nematic (TN) panels although In-Plane Switching (IPS) panels are becoming increasingly popular among all users, it is important to see the difference […]

Must-See: How an LCD Monitor Works

Bill “The Engineer Guy” Hammack tears down an LCD monitor to show you how it works. This is extremely informative video for just about anyone who want to know the basic ins and outs of LCD technology.

H-IPS vs. S-IPS: What is the Difference?

The S-IPS and H-IPS LCD display panels are different, but they are more similar to each other than they are to some of the other panel technologies available. LCD panel technology is a murky subject to begin with because most computer users make their LCD purchases based on properties such as screen size, ports, connections, […]

Monitor Calibration: Getting Started

Calibrate Your Monitor for the Best Post Processing Results It is essential for a photographer to properly calibrate their monitor before post processing photos. Having a monitor that is not calibrated will result in over- or under-exposed photos. Calibrating your monitor should be performed before doing any post-processing of photos. The first step to calibrating […]