Best Monitor for Photo Editing: The Top 10

Nov 21, 12 Best Monitor for Photo Editing: The Top 10

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Just a handful of of years ago, having an LCD screen or a laptop was as unique as owning a Ferrari. The technology was very clever and it inspired a lot of different companies to advance their production lines and start manufacturing the gadgets that we are using today. However, for many photographers and other professionals and...

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BenQ EW2430 Review (VA Panel)

Jun 13, 11 BenQ EW2430 Review (VA Panel)

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The BenQ 24-inch EW2430 is a follow-up of the EW2420 and as far as we can tell the panel is identical, but the design has been given an overhaul in the EW2430 with a nice-looking brushed aluminum stand/highlights and slightly more powerful built-in speakers (2W vs. 1.5W). It’s a great-looking monitor in several ways; not only...

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BenQ Launches VA LED Panels

Jun 30, 10 BenQ Launches VA LED Panels

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BenQ is one of the major monitor manufacturers in the world, and now they claim to be the first to  hit the market with screens that combine Vertical Alignment technologt with LED backlight for lower power consumption and exceptionally wide viewing angles. VA-based LCD panels provide effective viewing angles of 178 degrees while...

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